Renia offers workshops and seminars!

Renia Green Edittorio

Renia’s comprehensive knowledge, expertise, and unique experience working with hair at a young age make her an excellent educator and trainer in the hair and beauty industry. Renia has a unique overlap of skill sets. Her initial training began young, when she learned to braid hair in Harlem while sitting on a stoop with her childhood friends. Renia went on to graduate from the  Vidal Sassoon Academy, which is the premier cosmotology school in the country. She worked at the Kim Kimball Beauty Salon at Crenshaw and Stocker in South Central LA and sharpened her craft of shaping and creating hairstyles for African-American women. In 1999 Renia moved to Hollywood to open her own salon, Odessa Renia Salon.

Some examples of Renia’s workshop topics include:

  • What are your tips for maintaining your hair during the dry summer months?
  • What is the most common misperception people have about caring for textured hair?
  • What is your advice on teachings mothers how to care for their daughter’s hair so that it is more manageable?
  • How do you make changes to the way you care for your hair as you age?
  • What are the healthiest ways to go about changing the texture of your hair?