Cleanse: $55-$70

A client-specific shampoo followed by conditioning and wet or dry styling based on the hair’s need and the clients desire. A proper cleanse technique is used to rid the hair and scalp of potentially harmful product buildup or gently refresh and prepare for styling.
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shampoo, cream, balm

Condition: $20-$30

A client-specific treatment formulated to treat dry scalp and hair or to strengthen weak hair.
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Shaping: $35-$80

A quick touch-up or a major style change.
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Color: $40-$155

Change or enhance hair hues or tones. Custom formulation can create a subtle, short term variation or a longer lasting modification to existing hair color.
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Texture: $70-$140

A temporary or permanent alteration of natural texture.
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Straight Hair

Relaxer: $100-$150

A permanent straightening process that does not allow the hair to revert back into its natural curl pattern. A Relaxer removes more elasticity from the hair to creat a smooth, even texture.
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Weaves & Protective Styling: $50-$500

Hair styles designed to protect hair and minimize manipulation. Promotes healthy hair growth when properly maintained. Consultation for custom hair pieces available upon request.
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