Renia’s References

Renia was recently named by Refinery29 as a top African-American hair stylist in Los Angeles:

“Odessa Renia Salon is one of the best spots for African-American hair care…discovering the right stylist can be a daunting task for a woman with textured tresses…From weaves to treatments and everything in between…Renia is among the hair-care pros around town whose knowledge of African-American manes are second to none.”

Trusted professional; welcoming, outstanding service! A wealth of knowledge about the care and nurturing of all hair types. Healthiest hair you’ll ever have; beautiful, polished styles. I’m a regular forever!
– F. Neal | Advertising Executive

Renia is an artist, super talented, gentle, kind and I look forward to great music and warm-hearted fun during my appointment. My hair is very healthy, and whenever I need a confidence boost, I visit her salon for her nurturing care! She is my go-to before attending elegant special events. Renia also offers my now favorite hair care beauty products, tools and nail polish from the salon.
– S. Lawal | Market Research Executive

Renia is a wonderful hairstylist, and I trust her so much that I had her style my hair for my wedding. I am bi-racial, and my hair is complicated, sensitive, fragile, and requires extra-special attention. Renia does beautiful color streaks, always paying attention to the tone of my skin and the texture of my hair. I wear my hair natural and Renia supports this with her expertise in styling.
– Jolieba | Model, Mother, and Dancer